It’s difficult to find time to join another group. How is the Catholic Medical Association of Phoenix different? 

We have an efficient model. We have multiple high-level events throughout the year. At every event, there is Faith, Fun, Food, and Fellowship. Plus you can attend events with your spouse. It counts as a date night!

“I’m a busy physician. The last thing that I need is something else on my calendar. But whenever I drive home after from a guild event, I’m always so thankful that I made the commitment to attend. I return to my practice refocused and affirmed in my vocation.” – Dr. Robert Moffitt

I feel alone as a Catholic in my medical field.

  • Fellowship with people who understand the demands of your profession.
  • Get to know other Catholic physicians with different specialities.

I am concerned about a new generation of practitioners.

Become a mentor to a medical student! We have a significant number of young medical students who need guidance as they progress through school, residency, and their first years in the field.

What do you talk about at events? Who are the speakers? 

You can review our event archives from the last decade plus of group. You can learn more about presenters and their fields of expertise.