The Catholic Physician’s Prayer

The Catholic Physician’s Prayer

“Being a Catholic medical doctor is a ministry, which springs from a vocation within the Church.
It is the mission of healing
It is strongly linked to God our Father and expresses Christ the Physician, full of Love, which is the Holy Spirit
To be a medical doctor is a path by which to reach and achieve the fullness of the human being. It involves a special nearness to and intimacy with God
it also means an openness and total giving to other people
This , then, is the Catholic identity of the medical doctor; to be the transmittance of the healing Christ”

– Javier Lozano Barragan, archbishop of Zacatecas, president of the pontifical council for pastoral assistance to health care workers

Thank you God the Father in heaven for calling me to be a Catholic Physician
Please bless and protect my work


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